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We are Tipsy & Tapsy.

We are Tipsy & Tapsy, two mischievous cats. Like Happy Panda, we love to bring joy, happiness and a smile into your life. Our main adventures are happening on Instagram, however we will be sharing some more here on this website. Subscribe to the Cute Kawaii Art Newsletter to not miss any updates.

About Tipsy & Tapsy and Happy Panda

I am Ricarda and the artist and creator of the Cute Kawaii Art characters of Tipsy & Tapsy and Happy Panda.

Music and Character Merchandise

My influences vary widely, I love music and have worked in the music industry for a long time. I met many big names, shook hands with Paul McCartney and was on tour with Backstreet Boys. Amongst my many stations within the music industry was one where I was responsible for the creation, project management and marketing of artist – but also character – merchandise. I found my new passion.

Having created the first ever Justin Bieber merchandise collection launched for Europe, having managed and marketed the amazing Michael Jackson and his merchandise in the year of his untimely passing and being involved in Music Merchandising goes Fashion at the Berlin Fashion week lit up my passion even further – one, that even though I changed my daytime job, never quite left me.

Travelling through Asia

Combining this with travels to Asia specifically – not only to China – but especially to Japan and South Korea made my ‘music business and merchandise’ heart beat like crazy. And of course, having also come from a Design background, I couldn’t help but be amazed by the different art and design styles in Asia, in particular in Japan.

Concept and Fantasy Art

Having learned and investigated various styles including Manga and Anime I kept coming back to what is referred to as Kawaii, or Cute design. I never enjoyed drawing and painting both humans or realistic landscapes and still life. BUT I found my way into character design through kawaii designs. Combining this with inspirations coming from Concept Art, Fantasy Art and Environmental Art started my creations of the two kawaii character cats named Tipsy & Tapsy.

Kawaii Design

Not long and I felt I wanted to give those two mischievous cats a playmate – and out came my first ever kawaii design which a few years ago ended up archived in a box somewhere; – improved and modernized my panda character Happy Panda was born.

When creating the individual scenes such as the ones showcased above, I realized that I not only enjoy designing the cute cat or panda characters but I also immensely enjoy creating the setting they find themselves in.

Having worked with the designs for a few months now, I decided to spread them further and come back to my old passion of merchandise. Many designs, product ideas, design adaptations and fashion items can now be found for sale on this website.

I hope you enjoy the art I present, the art I name Cute Kawaii Art.

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