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Happy Halloween by Cute Kawaii Art

Tipsy Tapsy and Happy Panda by Cute Kawaii Art

Happy Halloween ~

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Cute Kawaii Art amongst others features two cheeky cats called Tipsy & Tapsy. From time to time friends will visit. For example their black cat friend Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess of Love and Joy or Happy Panda. Visit our adventures on Instagram at @CuteKawaii.Art – Our design is inspired by chibi- and anime-style from Japan. If you like cats, if you love illustrations, if you are into chibis or anime, you have come to the perfect place. Enjoy these two ladies and their various adventures. #TipsyTapsy #CuteKawaiiArt

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About: We are two cheeky cats named Tipsy & Tapsy and one Happy Panda. We are here to bring a smile and joy to you. Please enjoy our updates. #TipsyTapsy #HappyPanda #CuteKawaiiArt

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