About Us

About Us.


A Happy Panda and two mischievous Cats

We are Happy Panda and the two mischievous cats Tipsy & Tapsy. We started our adventures on Instagram with the aim of bringing a smile, some happiness and some beauty into your life. On Instagram we are not just about our own character, but our artist takes care of the beautiful settings we find ourselves in, unless otherwise stated, the environment, surrounding and background are all designed by our creator. Please enjoy our Cute | Kawaii Art and Designs.

to kawaii or not kawaii


Do you like cats? Do you like pandas? Do you like those cute drawings, especially those kawaii designs from Japan? Do you actually prefer to wear these cute characters yourself only pretending to buy it for your kids? You have come to the right place: cute Kawaii designs go Fashion.

So to kawaii or not kawaii?
You decide …

Kawaii and other Cute Designs

In our shops you can find special kawaii and cute character T-Shirt designs and other cute merchandise graced by Happy, a Happy Panda bear, and two mischievous cats named Tipsy & Tapsy for sale. Check out our kawaii designs for T-Shirts, Mugs, Bags, other clothing and apparell, stationery, greeting cards and so much more. We can currently be found on a variety of platforms since most offer a different type of product range

Cute Kawaii Art Stores


Cute Kawaii Art Fashion, Accessories, Stationery and other products are available at several selected outlets – all featuring a slightly different product range:

Some of these stores, for example Spreadshirt, have regular campaigns, so do make sure to check in from time to time.

Cute Kawaii Art on social media


The journey of the two mischievous cats Tipsy & Tapsy and Happy Panda started on Instagram. And this is where the inspiration for Design motives continues to come from. Make sure to follow for the latest updates.

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About Me.

By the way, let me also introduce myself: My name is Ricarda and I am the creator and artist behind these characters, images and fantasy worlds that Tipsy, Tapsy and Happy Panda move in and throughout. My designs not only feature my own created characters in the form of a panda and two cats, but are usually set in a romantic or outdoor environment, showing a sunset, blissful views and nature elements such as  birds, trees, butterflies and more. I also make use of the indoor with modern apartments or Asian style homes. I enjoy creating merchandise having worked in music and character merchandising in the past. With my own designs I like to focus on the positive and include happiness, love, romance, fun, togetherness and a smile in my designs – albeit often only implicitly.

Please enjoy my work.

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